Kern Family Health Care | Family Health | Fall 2021

FAMILY HEALTH 5 Q Are you looking for information about a community resource or program? 2-1-1 Kern County can help. It is a program of Community Action Partnership of Kern (CAPK). 2-1-1 Kern County can help you find information or refer you to health and human services and support in Kern County. 2-1-1 can assist you with a range of topics. It can help you find COVID-19 vaccine sites, food and meal programs, housing, homeless shelters, energy bill aid programs, and more. Call 2-1-1 to be connected with an information and referral specialist. You can also find 2-1-1 online at . The KFHC Community Resource webpage at kernfamilyhealthcare .com also includes a link to 2-1-1. Flor Del Hoyo, MPH Member Health Educator Q What can I do to improve air quality in my home? The air in your home can have a big impact on your health. Here are some tips to clean indoor air: 1. Replace your central air filter every three months. Use a high-rated filter, such as a MERV-13 or higher filter. 2. Make a do-it-yourself room air cleaner. Combine a 20-inch-by-20-inch box fan with a filter the same size. 3. Call 2-1-1 Kern County to find a home energy efficiency program. These free programs can help reduce energy costs and make your home more airtight. 4. If you have a gas stove, make sure to run your range hood when you use it. This will help remove toxic pollutants released by gas stoves. Opening your kitchen windows also helps. 5. Use nontoxic cleaners, such as baking soda and vinegar, to clean your home. Carlos Bello, MPH, CHES Senior Member Health Educator Q As a senior with diabetes, are there other things I need to do to stay healthy besides eating healthy, monitoring my blood sugar, staying active and taking my medication? Because diabetes can affect every system in the body, there are a few other areas that seniors need to pay attention to: 1. Have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked routinely. 2. Examine feet daily for cuts and sores. 3. Get vaccinated—yearly flu shot, pneumonia vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine; seniors are at higher risk for complications. 4. Hearing tests—hearing loss is common in seniors with diabetes. 5. Regular dental exams—people with diabetes are more prone to dental problems and gum disease. Bernardo Ochoa, MPH Member Health Educator Health Education Corner How to make your own air purifier 20” x 20” air filter (MERV rating 13 or higher) 20” x 20” box fan Tape (optional) Find the air flow direction on the sides of the filter and tape the filter to the back of the fan. Source: California Air Resources Board