Kern Family Health Care | Family Health | Winter 2022

FAMILY HEALTH 7 Learn more about Kern Family Health Care KFHC Member Handbook The Member Handbook keeps you up-to-date about your health plan benefits. In the Handbook, you may find what is covered and your rights as a member. KFHC Provider Directory This list will help you know who is in our plan to better serve you. Who is in our plan network: y Primary care providers (PCP). y Health care specialists. y Hospitals. y Urgent cares. y Lab centers. y Imaging (such as x-rays and CT scans). y And more. How to get this information Member Portal account: Create a secure Member Portal account and log in. Your account has booklets for you to read and self-service choices. Go to and click on the “Member Portal” button to get started. The KFHC website: Visit us at Click on New Members to review or print your KFHC Member Handbook or Provider Directory. A hard copy: You can ask that KFHC mail you the items in hard copy (paper) format or in large print, braille and audio (when possible). Give us a call at 800-391-2000 to ask for your copy. You can also go online for up-to-date information at DO YOU NEED HELP? Please call us at 800-391-2000. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don’t lose your health care coverage! Once a year, many KFHC members get a form in the mail from the county asking to update your family size and income. This is called Medi-Cal redetermination. The form is used to see if you can keep your Medi-Cal. During the last 2 years, many KFHC members have not had to fill out this form because of the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE). The COVID-19 PHE is coming to an end, and KFHC members will soon get the Medi-Cal redetermination forms again. KFHC members who get these forms must fill them out and return them by the date shown on the form. You may lose your Medi-Cal and KFHC if you do not complete and return the forms. Please be sure your county has your correct address. You may update your address: y By phone at 877-410-8812 y Online at, where you can create an account and also upload your forms y By mail at P.O. Box 511, Bakersfield, CA 93302-9985 y In person at your county office. To find an office near you, visit